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  • I am very pleased

    "I was applying for a loan and my middle score was 604. My loan officer told me that I might need to spend some money to try and get my score up. The first thing that came to mind was those cons where you spend upwards of $500, write a ton of letters, and end up with nothing to show for it. I don’t have a lot of derogatory credit and I thought ‘what can a company like this do for me besides take my money?’

    I was concerned that I was going to have to pay off all of my credit card debt, but if I did that, I would not have enough for my down payment. I contacted Jenny at Map Your Credit and she assured me that they could help and it wouldn’t require spending all of my reserves.

    Not only did they tell me what I needed to do, but they told me exactly how much debt to pay off and predicted what that would do to my score. And that is exactly what happened. Within two to three days, my score was adjusted. There was no guessing, no hesitation, and no hassle. My score is currently 649 and not only did I qualify for the loan, but I am using them again to increase my score beyond 660 and get a better interest rate than I was expecting. I am very pleased with the whole Credit Mapping experience."

    Patricia A.
    Credit Mapping Customer
    El Dorado Hills, CA

  • We were able to close the loan

    "We had a situation where the Map Your Credit service was extremely useful. We were preparing to submit a buyer's package for approval and upon updating the buyer's credit report, we learned that her score had dropped below a 680. Map Your Credit was able to determine exactly what she needed to do to make up the lost points. In less than 24 hours the buyer completed the action item, the score was raised 36 points, and we were able to close the loan. As an FHA approved lender, a buyer's credit scores are crucial to qualification. Having Credit Mapping as an option is a great way for borrowers to understand their credit and take the appropriate actions to qualify for a loan."

  • John Hatzidakis
    Coast Funding Group
    (714) 547-3444
  • Map Your Credit is the only reason I got my house!

    "For a decision this big, it doesn’t make sense not to get the advice of a professional. Map Your Credit is the only reason I got my house! The instructions they gave me were spot on.”

    Kathy Horn was home shopping and was prequalified but was told that she wouldn’t get a loan until her credit score improved. Her middle score was at 609 and she needed a score of 620 to qualify. She was referred by her lender to Joanne at Map Your Credit. “Joanne told me precisely what to do, how much to pay down, and the whole process was straightforward,” said Horn.

    “I thought that by paying off all my cards, it would help tremendously, but I was really surprised with the guidance I received. It was a very simple thing but if you don’t know what to do you are just shooting in the dark. I was trying to buy a house and didn’t have the time or willingness to risk on such a big decision.”

    Kathy was able to use the Credit Mapping service and by performing the action items in her credit map, her score improved from a 609 to a 637 in under 30 days. “By the time that I was ready to deal with the loan my score was perfect, right where we wanted it. My score was actually above and beyond what we thought it would be.”

    Kathy Horn
    Homebuyer and satisfied customer
    Tehachapi, CA

  • Audio Testimonial

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  • John Hatzidakis
    Coast Funding Group
    (714) 547-3444